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Created in 2010 in Paris by Louise d'Argencourt, curator for the 1st retrospective exhibition of William Bouguereau's work in 1984 in Montréal, Hartford and Paris, with the approval of the artist's heirs , AWB Bouguereau gathers a board of specialists in knowledgeable about with 19th century art history and painting in Europe, especially painting mostly known as "Academism".

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Combat des Centaures (1853)
William Bouguereau

W. Bouguereau

An Academist

"His mastery in draughtsmanship and painting was so phenomenal that it leads us to believe that, nothing, in the domain of art expression, could resist his immense talent. This ability comes out right in the very first paintings he exhibited at the Salon. He appears also to be the best draughtsman of his generation. His outstanding skill never failed until the very last years"

Louise d'Argencourt

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